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Save on commercial insurance

How Small Business Owners can Shrink their Insurance Premiums

If you're a small business owner in Halifax or anywhere else in Canada, and believe you’re paying too much for commercial insurance or are watching your premiums rise, there are a few easy ways for small businesses to save. Policies vary, and every situation is different, but generally, there are some things you can do to improve your savings. Things like managing the risk of loss, checking your coverage routinely, and understanding your insurance can help you save money in ways ... Read more
Speeding tickets and insurance

How Speeding Tickets can Affect Your Insurance Rates

Speeding tickets are about as treasured as root canals, but they continue to be Nova Scotia's most popular traffic infraction. People often speed to compensate for not giving themselves enough time to get where they need to be, but this can be dangerous and result in numerous tickets and raised insurance rates. It's a common misconception that speeding tickets aren’t seen as a problem by most insurance companies, but speeding tickets can increase your rates and lead to fines from the ... Read more