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winter driving skills

Time to Brush up on Your Winter Driving Skills

Even to those born and raised in Canada, the winters can be harsh at times, and especially difficult when out on the roads. When driving in the snow or ice, a motorist’s driving skills are put to the test, which is why it's a good idea to mentally prepare yourself before the temperatures start to plunge. Below is a list of what you'll need to do to get ready: Give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going. Many winter collisions ... Read more
winterize your car

It’s that Time Again! Get Ready to Winterize Your Car

I know, every year you hear car insurance companies say it’s time to winterize your car so you don’t get stuck in the cold, but winterizing also helps prevent accidents. Avoid making a preventable claim to your Nova Scotia car insurance company by implementing some or all of the tips shared in today's post. The following is a checklist that you can use to ensure your car is safe and remains in good running condition over the winter months: Check your battery – ... Read more