Keyes Insurance Brokerage Halifax NS.

Home Insurance

Not all home insurance policies are created equally. As a premier provider of home insurance, Nova Scotia home owners can count on Keyes Insurance to provide the coverage they need for their property and their personal belongings.

Huge Discounts 

We’ll find the right coverage for your home and then get down to the business of finding you the discounts you deserve. 

Age of Dwelling

Homes built within the past 25 years and insured under a homeowner’s policy can qualify for discounts of up to 20%.

Burglary / Fire Alarm

A discount of up to 15% can be applied for dwellings with alarm systems.

First Time Buyer Discount

A 10% discount may apply if this is your first house.

Mortgage Free

A 10% discount will be added to your homeowner’s policy if you are mortgage-free.

Increased Deductible Credit

If you increase your deductible, you receive an additional discount on your premiums.

Included Identity Theft Protection

Identify theft is a growing issue these days. Relax, Keyes Insurance has you covered.

Compare your Insurance

Our company has designed Home, Tenants and Condo insurance policies to cover more things that can go wrong, and we cover them with higher limits, should you have a loss. Take the time to compare your current house insurance policy to see if you get all of the following:

Higher Contents Coverage

Higher coverage limits to protect more of the personal belongings that you’ve acquired in your life.

Higher Additional Living Expenses

When your life is turned upside down by a major event like a fire or oil spill, it’s good to know that we’ll take the financial pressure off by covering more of your total living expenses that you’d expect.

Boat Insurance

Power or sail, we can add your watercraft to your home insurance.

Students’ Contents While Living Away

Kids away at college? We will cover their belongings up to $20,000.

Cottage/Seasonal Home

If you get away to a seasonal home throughout the year, Keyes makes relaxing a little easier with our Seasonal Home protection.

Local Claims Service

Our claims adjusters live right here, so when you need us you can count on us to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Are you currently shopping for home insurance?