Business Liability

Why Your Business Needs Liability Insurance

Protect what you’ve worked so hard to build with business liability insurance from Keyes Insurance Brokerage.

Every year in Canada, businesses and professionals from all sectors, including general contractors and doctors to trucking companies and retail stores, are sued. Whether a mistake made by you or one of your employees, a product your business sells, your equipment or any other business entity causes bodily harm, you could be liable. What’s more is that claims can and do put companies without protection out of business. Secure the insurance your business needs, today!

The Different Types of Liability Insurance

General: If your employees or customers are injured while on your business premises, this type of insurance will provide you with coverage.

Professional:For those who provide professional services, professional liability insurance covers you in the event you are sued for an omission, error or negligence.

Product: If your products harm anyone who uses them, this type of insurance policy offers protection.
Beyond these most common types of liability insurance, some companies in Canada offer more niche-specific forms of coverage, such as liability insurance for contractors. Whether for contractors or a specific business professional, be sure to ask your insurance provider for more information on choosing the type of coverage that’s right for you.

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