How Speeding Tickets can Affect Your Insurance Rates

Speeding Tickets_Affects InsuranceSpeeding tickets are about as treasured as root canals, but they continue to be Nova Scotia’s most popular traffic infraction. People often speed to compensate for not giving themselves enough time to get where they need to be, but this can be dangerous and result in numerous tickets and raised insurance rates. It’s a common misconception that speeding tickets aren’t seen as a problem by most insurance companies, but speeding tickets can increase your rates and lead to fines from the insurer. Additionally, more serious tickets may land you in a pot of legal hot water. Besides, paying a ticket is tantamount to admitting your guilt, and serious incidents will appear on your driving record. If you mean to dispute a ticket, invest in legal counsel, especially if the charges are serious.

When it comes time to renew your personal auto insurance, your driving record is going to be a concern for any car insurance Nova Scotia insurers have to offer. If you’ve been caught speeding, complete forthrightness with your insurer is your best bet for obtaining the best rate. If your insurer discovers you haven’t been upfront with them, your rates will increase; worse, your claims may be denied, or your policy may be cancelled altogether.

Slowing down, and planning ahead, can make the roads safer for Canadians in Nova Scotia. If that’s not a good enough reason to curtail your speeding habits, think of your personal auto insurance. Your insurance company makes money when you pay your premium, and loses money when it pays out claims. Therefore, those companies are always on the lookout for bad behaviour that might affect their bottom line. Each speeding ticket you pay shows up on your record, alerting your insurer to your recklessness. Using this information, they may decide your rates need to be increased, or your claims need to be denied.

Meanwhile, a clean driving record can actually reduce your rates. That means being five minutes late may save you money, while being safer for you and everyone else on the road. That bit of information is something you should really consider before you speed. Your insurance broker can provide you with more specific, detailed information, so if you want to know more, call us!

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